We are grateful for our sponsors!

Many non-profits and businesses are collaborating to serve during this very difficult time. Others are providing deep discounts on food products or equipment.  We wish to thank and recognize them here.

Coalition of Non-Profits

Organized as Anabaptist COVID-19 Response

  • ADVANCE1040
  • Anabaptist Perspectives
  • Blessings of Hope
  • Christian Aid Ministries
  • Plain Compassion Crisis Response
  • Pleasant Valley Mennonite School
  • Businesses contributing food and equipment

  • Bird-in-Hand Bake Shop
  • Buffalo Valley Produce
  • Costco of Lancaster, PA
  • C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • Eagle Business Software
  • Esh Foods
  • Gap Power Equipment
  • Glenwood Foods
  • John F Martin Meats
  • Kauffman's Fruit Farm
  • Kreider Farms
  • Martin's Snacks
  • MrTakeoutBags.com
  • New Holland Transport
  • The Restaurant Store
  • Walnut Creek Foods

    We are grateful to the many individuals at all levels of organization and volunteering who are putting their passion to serve into making this endeavor successful. We thank each of you! May God be glorified.