Lunch Box Packing: May 7

5/7/2020 - 8:00:55 PM

Sixty-two volunteers gathered to pack 1045 lunches today.  This was our last packing of the project and there were many mixed emotions as joy has been experienced at so many levels.  Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those healthcare workers who have faced one difficult situation after another over the past couple of months.  Sin, sickness, and sadness are a part of our experience while on earth, and may each of us be determined to ease the burdens of those around us and take our own cares and heartaches to Jesus (Isaiah 53:4, The Bible).  His desire is to bring healing and comfort to all who face the hurtful realities of a chaotic world permeated by evil and selfishness.   Our surrender of self, repentance of wrong doings, and our commitment to follow the way of Jesus (Matthew 5-7, The Bible) results in a little bit of heaven here on earth and the confident hope of an eternity in a blissful paradise where God will rule as our benevolent King. (I discovered these truths and many more in the Bible and it makes a lot of sense to me.)

I wish to thank everyone who, through this project, helped further God's kingdom here on earth; a little glimpse of heaven being shared among all who were involved.  May God guide and draw each one closer to His perfect way.

During the course of this project 18,798 lunches were packed and distributed.  If the lunch boxes were lined up they would stretch for 2.7 miles!  It is estimated that 5000+ volunteer hours were invested.  Our desire is that each hour and each lunch box was accepted as a token of love.

Below are a few pictures from today.

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