Lunch Box Packing: April 30

4/30/2020 - 8:00:02 PM

"These are unprecedented times" is often the phrase we hear, and maybe in the last 100 years there has been little to compare it to, but dealing with plagues was common enough in history.   Being quarantined and isolated was a common solution to "slow the spread." 

In 1527 the Black Plague once again raised its deadly presence in Europe and everyone needed to decide how to respond.  I appreciate Martin Luther's response to the question as to "whether one may flee from a Deadly Plague (Luther's Works, Vol 43, p. 132).

"I shall ask God mercifully to protect us.  Then, I shall fumigate, help purify the air, administer medicine and take it.  I shall avoid places and persons where my presence is not needed in order not to become contaminated and thus perchance inflict and pollute others and so cause their death as a result of my negligence.  If God should wish to take me, he will surely find me, and I will have done what he has expected of me, and so I am not responsible for either my own death or the death of others.  If my neighbor needs me however, I shall not avoid place or person but will go freely as stated above.  See this is such a God-fearing faith because it is neither brash nor foolhardy, and does not tempt God.

A hundred years later in 1637 a deadly plague again occurred in Germany. The devastating Thirty Years War was instrumental in its spread as troops passed through infected cities.  In one city a pastor, Martin Rinkart, was left alone to care for the sick and dying and to conduct funerals.  It is reported that on some days he conducted 50 funerals.  Altogether he conducted about 4500 funerals, most of them in 1637, including the funeral of his own wife.

The virus of 2020 is of an unknown origin and unlike anything mankind has seen before, but, I am grateful for the men and women in our medical communities who are working hard to find medicines and vaccines and who are tirelessly caring for those who are seriously ill from this very contagious disease.

Today we packed 1257 lunches with plans to pack 2000 next week.  While reports from the field indicate there are still several hospitals feeling the pressure and weight of this pandemic we are experiencing a reduction in need from EMT newly reported cases are going down.  We will be shifting our resources to the purchase and distribution of family boxes.  Please consider contributing financially by visiting  Thank you.

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