Lunch Box Packing: April 25

4/25/2020 - 3:56:27 PM

A pleasant day and time packing 1665 lunches.  We wrapped up by noon and the truck headed up to NYC with another load of lunch boxes.  Kendall Mast, the NYC team leader, shared last night of several meaningful incidents as he distributed lunch boxes.  Yesterday a nurse supervisor contacted him wondering if he would have any lunches for her team for the next day (today).  When he asked if she would appreciate having some right away she was very appreciative as the nurses are needing to walk a distance to a local McDonalds and stand outside in a line waiting for their food.  Having lunches readily available helps keep these nurses on the job, and able to relax a few minutes instead of scrambling to find their food in time.  Many cafeterias and local restaurants remain closed, making it difficult for healthcare workers to find the nutrition they need.

Sometimes it's the little things that bless me. The small Thank You cards with a Bible verse continue to be meaningful and encouraging ad Kendall continues to observe the healthcare workers searching specifically for them and carrying them with them.  God's Word continues to minister to all who come in contact with it.  May God bless all who continue to serve and donate.

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