Lunch Box Packing: April 21

4/21/2020 - 8:00:21 PM

An April shower delayed the packing as we waited for the downpour to pass before bringing in much of the food from the reefer.  We opened up an additional section of the school so that the volunteers would have a dry place to stand as they waited to beginning.  It was a blessing to see many new faces (albeit hidden by masks) as well as others who have been consistently supporting this effort.  Seventy-nine volunteers assisted in the packing of 1680 roast beef or chicken sandwich lunches.  Our goal is to pack approximately 5000 lunches this week.

Current plans are to pack 2500 lunches Tuesday and Thursday of next week (April 26) and 2000 lunches the following.  We're grateful to see signs of the pressure on the health care system starting to ease.  However, the needs for family boxes is definitely increasing, with many undocumented workers who have no social/church safety net to fall back on reaching a concerning place.  Visit to learn how you can assist with this need.





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