Lunch Box Packing: April 14

4/14/2020 - 8:00:48 PM

God is so good, even in difficult times.  We faced a real challenge in procuring the actual lunch box for this packing (logistics are so disrupted) and God provided through a local businesses that was overstocked on a product.  When we called they were certain they wouldn't have nearly enough, but were amazed when they discovered they had an abundance.  There were so many people praying for the situation we are confident we know why the overstock existed!! My small faith caused me to lose sleep over the situation, it never should have.

Packing went smoothly very smoothly, even with the added wrinkle of needing to use substitute lunch boxes since the regular ones did not make it in time.  The volunteers packed 1164 lunches in a little over two hours.  It's rewarding to see those boxes come down the assembly line and each person carefully filling them.  There's lots of love in those boxes.  

Many thanks again to all who are making this possible.

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