Field Report: May 6

5/6/2020 - 8:00:08 PM

Yesterday we delivered 54 boxes of lunches to ten different locations. These were all delivered to either hospitals or EMS stations. Over and over we heard their gratitude and they couldn’t stop saying “thank you”! We heard again how these lunches are their favorite and a little bit of everything and they love it! One of the nurses stopped us in the hall and said, “we can feel the care and love that goes into the lunches. The way they are packaged is so neat and thoughtful and even the way the baby carrots are put into the baggies is so caring. Thank you so much.”

One of our hospital contacts asked us to thank all of you who helped to pack the lunch boxes. So yes, thanks to all of you who have helped. There are so many hands that are helping to pack these boxes and I am so humbled to have the opportunity of passing the blessings on.

We like to pray with the staff when we drop off lunches and today we heard feedback from a previous prayer meeting: “thank you so much for praying with us, All the nurses really appreciated it and it means a lot to them.” 

We are winding the lunch boxes down and Friday will be our last day delivering them. I have really enjoyed the interaction with the nurses and EMT’s and hearing some of their stories.

Please keep them all in your prayers! They have gone through some crazy stuff and it’s not easy for them as they begin to slow down and process everything.


Another Thank You

With tears on her cheeks, Miri, at Maimonides, said, “you have no idea. This is so much more than just food. It touches something deep in the soul. In the few minutes after the lunches arrive, we just all stand quietly for a few moments and allow the love to settle into our weariness.”

“Please tell the donors ‘thank you’. ‘Thank you so much!!’”

--Brent and Mariellen Rosenberry--

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