Field Report: April 29

4/29/2020 - 8:00:26 AM
We dropped lunches off at Station 20 this evening and talked with Lieutenant Christopher. He said, "There's not a drop left over from these boxes. They are great! There's food in them for their whole day." He said that he didn't know if the cookies were homemade or what, but that they are amazing!

"He just started three weeks ago." He pointed to a young man working nearby. There are young guys just starting in the medical profession who have been thrown into a pandemic. "They can't take it," he said, "the young man who killed himself was from the class before him." 
Lieutenant Christopher went and worked at the station of the EMS worker that committed suicide, so that the Lieutenants at that station could go to the memorial service.
Please pray for those medical workers, that they could find God and turn to Him for strength.

He told us about some of what he's been through in his years in EMS. "I've been in the force 28 years. Been through both 9/11 terrorist attacks. Then this pandemic. When I get to 30 years, I'm done."
He said since the virus, EMS workers have had longer shifts, because there is so much work for them. He has 16 hour shifts, then he has an hour drive to his home in Long island. After maybe 5 or 6 hours at home, he's back to work again. He has Friday through Sunday off, so he said he can't complain.

While we were standing there outside the door talking, we saw EMS workers heading for their ambulances, lunch boxes in hand. To everyone who has helped in this effort in any way, God is using you to make an impact in these peoples lives.

A thank you from Jessica, who works at Bronx Care. "You guys have no idea what you have done for us. You might think you do, but you don't."
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