Field Report: April 27

4/27/2020 - 8:00:10 PM
A Note of Thanks From Juliana Aboagye
Hi my name is Juliana I work at North Central Bronx hospital in the emergency department, personally words cannot express how grateful we are for the lunch boxes that has been provided for us in this time of need which is packed with such love and individual personal touch, it's a Joy to see the guys walking in the emergency department with boxes of food instead of another gravely ill person for a change. God bless you for the great work that your organization is doing. I pray that the lord replenish everything you Guys have spent on us in difficult times.
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God keep those safe who are putting their lives on the line feeding health care workers. Praise God that he has given you all strength to do His work.
Mary Ann Mast
5/1/2020 - 10:18:13 PM
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