Field Report: April 24

4/24/2020 - 8:00:39 PM

Update 04/24/2020

Just today Brent and I were talking about how humbling it is to be able be this link in the chain of the good things that are coming out of the Anabaptist community through this COVID relief. We praise God and want to thank each one that has played a part in making this possible. 

For the past year and one-half we have been living in South Brooklyn with five of our six children. Our home before that was Path Valley in Central PA where we attended Cornerstone Chapel in Amberson.

Today we made the third delivery of lunches to Norwegian Christian Health Center just three blocks from our house. With tears so close to the eyelids, they thanked us profusely. Linda, one of the nurses said that she doesn't usually even break to eat but she took a lunch and said the food was very good and the protein balance was just right. (thank you) The first day that we went with lunches, Ruth told us that just that morning she had been asking God what she can do for her staff to support them for working so hard under such stressful circumstances. And two hours later we show up. She said we are the only people that have reached out to them and so we pass this story on to you, the donors, the volunteers, the people who have made this incredible opportunity possible. Thank you so much and may God bless you for sharing. 

Brent and Mariellen 
South Brooklyn 

Another update from  04-24-20
Today God moved and provided in a powerful way. We were going to deliver the rest of the lunchboxes to various hospitals and I hadn’t contacted anyone specifically. We went to one hospital and gave them some, and while we were there a different hospital called and confirmed that we were planning to come tomorrow. I said that yes we are coming tomorrow, but I could also deliver some today if they needed it. They said that they didn’t have anything to give to their workers and could use anything we could provide.

I told them I could be there in 20 minutes. We finished at the hospital we were at and headed to the next stop.

We loaded up their cart, and the lady we met said thank you over and over. She said she had nothing for the staff, and they have a bunch of extra staff because of the virus. She had been sending the staff to Mcdonalds across the street where there was a pretty long line, and some of the staff were upset about that.

 The poor lady was stressed out and I could tell it was a hard day for her. I asked if I could pray for her. She consented and after I finished she couldn’t even speak because she was almost breaking down in tears. She said thank you and God bless.

Seeing God’s awesome power and hand in this time has been amazing. If she had called us 10 min later there was a possibility we couldn’t have helped her that day.

I have seen a few encouraging things over the last few days. One nurse had the scripture verse paper from her lunchbox in the back of her phone case so she would see it all the time for encouragement. I was in a break room when they had a patient discharged and it was amazing to hear the shouts of joy and relief as another life was saved.

 Also, we have heard several times that our lunchboxes are the workers favorite donated items. It’s so encouraging to see and hear the impact the efforts of our organization is having.


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