Field Report: April 15

4/15/2020 - 8:00:35 PM
by Jimmy

 This morning was a busy morning as I had four hospitals that I stopped at to deliver meals to. But it was a very rewarding day. Two of them were very busy at the time so I didn’t get to talk to the staff much when I delivered their lunches, but the other two places I had a little more time to talk with the doctors and nurses. It was just really encouraging to see their gratefulness and some of the nurses couldn’t get done talking about how good the lunches were and how the lunches were packed with so much care! In one of the nurses words "when I opened the lunches and saw how they were packed, these are not just thrown together, but so much care went into these lunches!" Another nurse said, “So much feeling went into these lunches by the volunteers who packed them” and she said chills went through her went she saw how neatly they were done to think that there are people that care that much to think of them! Another one of them was so thrilled to see the paper that is put in the lunches each day with a verse of scripture on it to give encouragement! 
So I say again to each of the volunteers who are a part of it thank you! I wish you could see how many people that this makes their day. Numerous times I hear things like “This is just what we need to boast our morale." I had the opportunity to pray with some of them and encourage them, it was rewarding to be able to serve them in this way. And I believe God is using this difficult time to draw some of the health care workers and others to Himself through His people! May He be glorified!
God bless!

Below is a picture some of them wanted me to take so I can show it to our supporters and other volunteers back home as a thank you from them!

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